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Our basset hound rescue took in a senior basset hound about five months
ago from a shelter. Ernie was found as a stray, barely able to walk, in
horrible condition. The shelter was going to put him to sleep if no one
claimed him within the stray hold period. We told the shelter we absolutely
would take him to make sure he could have a good life until it was truly his
time to go.

We took him to our vet, who provided extraordinary care to get Ernie
started on what we hoped to be the road to recovery; however,
discovered that he had bone cancer and a very limited time with us. Ernie
did put on weight, enjoyed his naps in his new foster home's kitchen where
he could survey the "action" and be close enough for snacks and meals,
and loved his walks in the yard.

One of our volunteers, upon seeing his initial photos, sent in a donation for
Ernie to have a good bed. I immediately thought of Pet-O-Bed, and
purchased one for Ernie, along with a second cover so he would never be
without the comfort of his bed.

Ernie LOVED his new bed. So did the 16-yr old female basset of the
household, Cuddles, who has been blind from glaucoma for several years.
The two would share both the bed (Cuddles would go into Ernie's bed if he
wasn't snoozing on it) as well as the sofa. And the resident cat even got in
on snuggling with Ernie!

Ernie made it through Christmas, however, it was apparent on the 27th of
December that it was time for him to cross over the Rainbow Bridge to
heaven. We miss him terribly, but know that he certainly knew a bit of
heaven here on earth thanks to his wonderful foster mom Jennifer Basile
and his Pet-O-Bed.
My name is Sonja Dang and my
dog Zulu along with my daughter
and a remote control posed for
this picture. He is a 2 year old
Rhodesian Ridgeback and my 3rd
dog to use these great beds.
Cooper and Lola
This is a picture of Piper, a Standard Poodle puppy, relaxing in her
Pet-O-Bed. Piper belongs to Dogs for the Deaf CEO/President Robin
Dickson and will grow up to travel around the country with Robin as a DFD
Demonstration Dog. She'll help Robin at shows and presentations all over
the United States by demonstrating what a Hearing Dog can do. She'll also
demonstrate the anchoring technique that our Autism Assistance Dogs
use. In addition to this, Piper will do demonstrations for tours at DFD in
Central Point, Oregon. As you can see from her picture, getting a
comfortable nap time and a good nights sleep are very important to this
budding career girl.

We just love Pet-O-Beds and so do our dogs! At Dogs for the Deaf we use
a lot of Pet-O-Beds for our dogs in training. We also use them in our
offices for our demo dogs. Pet-O-Bed generously donates beds to DFD for
our dogs in training to make their training time here more comfortable.
Pet-O-Beds are very comfortable for our dogs, easy to clean, and very

I've included one other picture: Trickie, a Keeshond mix, who is another of
our DFD demo dogs. Trickie was rescued from a Yreka, California shelter
by DFD in 2002. He's been certified as a Hearing Dog and also as a
therapy dog. In his exciting career, Trickie has done many Hearing Dog
presentations with his friend and partner, Beth, DFD's Client Services
Walter & Wanda (English
Bulldogs) and Hugo (9 week
old Bullmastiff puppy)
Wanda & Hugo
We have had Pet-o-Beds for
years and years now. They
are such a great choice in
beds we have several, and
buy new covers annually. We
have tried other beds but they
don't hold up under 100+ lbs
girls. You can tell by the
photo that their Pet-o-Bed is
their favorite spot in the
Here is my youngest Basset
Hound on the left, Gambler(3
years), & my oldest Basset
Hound on the right, Ralph, 15
years enjoying their Pet-0-Bed.
I keep finding more pictures of
my Bassets on their Pet 0
Beds. Contest rules don't say
there is a limit to how many I
can send in. My way of saying
many thanks for a bed that my
Bassets obviously enjoy so
much. I think Gambler's smile
says it all.
Attached are photos of Lucy (golden retriever mix) and Luckie
(Black Lab) in their Pet-O-Beds. Lucy prefers to lie on her back with
her legs akimbo; she is such a hussy! Luckie prefers a more sedate
Lucy and Luckie love their Pet-O-Beds! Occasionally, they have to
wait until a cat vacates the beds
This is our dachshund, Fritzie.
He loves to rest his sweet old
bones on his Pet-O-Bed. He is
16 years old and came to us
from Dachshund Rescue of
North America. He has the
sweetest face and the
sweetest disposition in
theentire universe and maybe
even the whole cosmos. He
doesn't see or hear so well
anymore, and he has arthritis,
but he says that his Pet-o-Bed
in front of our fireplace is his
favorite place in the whole
wide world.
Here’s a photo that I love of my Airedale Terrier rescue (Bailey)
—I am a foster mom for Sunshine Airedalers of Florida, a 501
(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization—and my Welsh Terrier,
Brady in your large Pet-O-Bed.  I now have two small beds for
my two Welsh Terriers.  Bailey went on to his “forever” home—
I kept the bed for future rescues.

Also, attached is Bailey and his toys in the Pet-O-Bed.

The last two photos are of Barney, another of my rescues,
enjoying the Pet-O-Bed.
This is a photo of our 10 yr old blind Doberman and our 5
month old Doberman puppy happily sharing the pet-o-
bed.  The old boy is O'Shea and the puppy is Hudson..

The old guy was abused when he was young.  They
were trying to make him mean and to make him fight pit
bulls…. Blinded him and electric....   I took him to live with
us last year and he has been the best old guy ever.

Here is their photo…  Now that I know there is a contest,
I will take better ones.  He lets all puppies lie on the bed
with him…

I train dogs so I have a lot of puppies coming through

Guess I should get him another pet-o-bed…
The pictures show Simon, our 13 year old West Highland
White Terrier in his favorite bed.  We visited Dogs for the
Deaf about seven years ago and were told about the
Pet-O-Bed, so when we returned home, we ordered one for
Simon.  He now sleeps in it every night at the foot of our bed
and sometimes hesitates to get out of it in the morning.  He
loves his bed and we are planning to purchase one for our
daughter for her rescue Harrier Hound.
Thanks for the excellent product.
Our two Pet-O-Beds are well-loved here!  So much so that when
the door is opened, they all race in to try to get dibs on the
"good" beds!  Myka would love to have another bed so she
would not have to share hers with the other 8 dogs so much,
but, being the good girls that they are, should they win, they will,
instead, donate a Pet-O-Bed to Far Point Rescue!

Myka is lover her bed with the new cover.:)  .... thank you so
much for the great beds and wonderful, friendly service!:)
As you can see by the pictures, Rocky our boxer is completely
exhausted and his Pet-O-Bed is his safety haven...
We experienced a flood from our neighbor and all the excitement
was just too much for Rocky.  
We have been using Pet-O-Beb for years and have been greatly
Thank you
"When Winston, our Great Dane, was a puppy, his breeder
recommended Pet-O-Beds to us.  We now have three and
multiple covers....all for one four legged child!  One day I came
home to find my husband lying next to Winston on his Pet-O-Bed
watching TV with his head resting on a pillow.  Later that day,
we discovered that Winston thought the pillow was a great
Our dogs and their stuffed
toys LOVE this bed.
Seamus.....3 year old
Rhodesian Ridgeback warm
AND cozy by the fireplace!!
A few more pictures of Cooper (Jack Russell) and Lola (Mini
Cappi is the Australian Shepherd and Winnie is the Rottweiller
cross who are quite happy with their beds.   B Cappie and
Winnie were strays found on the side of the road and are now
successfully competing in agility.
Another great picture of
Here is a photo of my Great
Dane Artemis in his new
super-size Pet-O-Bed.  We
purchased this from you at the
Pet Expo in NJ, and are
THRILLED to finally have a bed
to fit his size and weight (185
pounds).  Thank you for a
great product!
These two dogs have their pet beds
in the kitchen. This is where they
know I will be. In the foreground is
Belle,and behind her is MAlaika.
I love your beds and so do the dogs.  
They like their beds so  much that
even the photo taking didn't make
them budge.  They are my constant
walking companions.
My English Mastiff, Blueford, absolutely LOVES his Pet-O-Bed.  This is the second Pet-O-Bed that I've
ordered (the first one was for my Doberman who passed away a few years ago).  You can tell by the
pictures just how comfy and happy he is in his bed!!

Thank you for making such a great bed, and thanks for your consideration.
Stella enjoying her bed.
Here's a picture of our dog
Sophie on her Pet-O-Bed.  
She loves it!
This is Myles and he loveeeeeeeeeees it!! His owner is shocked
that it has actually kept him off the couch.
Here is the picture definition of "threadbare!".  Even though the cover has become threadbare, Mary, Simon and Jude still ove their
Pet-O-Bed.  There would love to win a new bed.  
Last night our dog was really
sawing logs.  In checking on
her we caught Shelby sound
asleep in her pet-o-bed - - -
This is Cash was is a 9 1/2
year old Belgian Tervuren
who was rescued.  Please see
gallery page for a great
testimonial from his new
CH Halcyon’s Nickolas Nickleby, aka
Nick, is only 1 of my many dogs that
has preferred PetOBed over any
other dog beds in the 20 years I have
had standard schnauzers! And I love
PetOBed’s heavy duty covers that
can be easily removed for washing.
This is Oliver.  Another upside
down sleeper.  Oliver a 6 1/2 year
old Aussie after a hard day of
This is Tucker.  the bed apparently is not just for canines;)
This is CH Asgard Quasar
Shining Star (Kelly) a Standard
Schnauzer.  She is quite
annoyed that Tom the Cat  just
pushes his way onto her Pet-O-
Bed.  Can’t he go on the other
Pet-O-Bed or box asks Kelly??
This is Pinky, a 10 1/2 year old
Great Dane who spends most
of her time on a pet o bed.
The caption for this photo is:
This  is a picture of our dog,
Bodie, who is a 5month old
yellow lab. He took to his bed
right away!
Phantom loves his Pet-o-Bed so much that he jumped at the chance to pose for some shots in his
favorite spot.

Phantom is a 3 year-old English Bulldog. He is a feisty fellow who loves to play. Before we bought him
his first Pet-o-Bed a year ago, he thought that the parade of beds we brought home were wonderful --
as wrestling buddies. But now that he has his Pet-o-Bed, he uses his bed to rest up between playtimes.

We would like to add that we have seen a remarkable improvement in his mobility after a long night's
rest, as our poor little guy suffers from degenerative joint disease. No more limping!!
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